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8 Habits for a Long and Happy Life

Oct 28, 2021


Global Happiness Study from 2020 states that “Just over 6 in 10 (63%) adults globally report being happy: 11% very much so and 52% rather so”. What about the other 37%?

Everyone has the goal of leading a happy life. We believe that we have all of the resources necessary to reach our objective. There are many who believe that in order to have a happy life, one must first find love.

Others? They believe that financial success is the path to contentment.

But what if we told you that by adopting a few practices, you could make your life far more enjoyable? Habits may have a significant influence on our life, despite the fact that this statement may seem absurd.

By introducing the proper ones into our routine – and saying goodbye to the detrimental ones - we may breathe more easily, smile more, and ultimately be happy with our lives.


Nutra Moment | 8 Habits for a Long and Happy Life | Couple | Happiness


So, what are the habits for a long and happy life?


  1. Doing Something Physical

Physical activity boosts serotonin, lowers stress hormones,  and offers a good diversion from the numerous worries of the day. All of these contribute to an overall improvement in mood and an enhancement of happiness. 

It doesn't take much, though! Just ten minutes of vigorous physical exercise is enough to deliver a speed boost to your physical and mental health. 

Any movement with a goal will suffice, but you should mix it up to keep things interesting! Engaging in physical activity outside, sometimes known as "green exercise," might deliver an extra mood boost. 

Exercising outdoors has been shown to improve mood as well as self-esteem, while also reducing emotions of anxiety and rage.


  1. Eating Well

Good nutrition is essential for almost every element of one's health, including one's mental health. Instead of making massive changes to one's diet all at once, it's best to make gradual shifts. 

Maintain a manageable level of difficulty by picking uncomplicated, nutritious options as frequently as you are able to. For instance, make a point of consuming meals that are high in nutrients and work on the amounts you consume.


  1. Managing Your Stress

The presence of stress in one's life is unavoidable. The only thing that is not inevitable is that it puts a damper on your happiness if you let it. Instead, you should learn how to control your stress with activities such as meditation, deep breathing, and mindful exercises.

These generally include yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, or hobbies that offer you peace and pleasure.

In addition, you should make an effort to identify potential sources of stress and then steer clear of them. One of the most important things you can do to keep your happiness intact is to take care of yourself and learn how to say "no."


  1. Avoiding Being Messy

Messy, untidy spaces may affect your mental health, whether you realize it or not. Let's be honest: housework and cleanliness are crucial. Most people don't want to clean after a hard day. By following the one-touch rule, you may minimize clutter without much time or effort.  

Touch anything just once!

Post? Don't simply drop it. Sort, get rid of the trash, and place the remainder where it belongs to avoid moving it again.

Book done? Put it on the bookshelf, don't put it on the tabletop.

Leaving your coat after work? Do not drape it over a chair, hang it in your closet.


  1. Joining Some Groups

Having a feeling of belonging to a community is essential to one's mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Spending time with loved ones, including friends, family, and other people might help you feel happier and more energized.

Socialize as often as you want and in a manner that enhances your feeling that you are generally healthy. Keep in mind that the requirements of each individual are unique. 

If you want to feel like you're a part of a community, you probably need genuine relationships with people who will support you. This is true whether you're an introvert, an extrovert, or an ambivert. So, give yourself enough space!


  1. Getting a Good Amount of Rest

Lack of rest and sleep is leading to issues such as obesity, increased use of alcohol and cigarettes, hormone imbalances, and higher rates of diabetes and hypertension. Insomnia may not only weaken the immune system but also cause mood swings.

Recovery is a key component of not just your physical health but also your mental health. Downtime is not only necessary for optimizing performance, but also for recovery. During sleep, your body repairs itself from the activities of the previous day.

It unwinds and gets itself ready for what lies ahead. The recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult is between six and eight hours every night. 


  1. Being Grateful

Instead of focusing on the things that you do not have, it is probably best to practice gratitude for the things that you do have. This may help create a positive mentality that will carry over to every part of your life.

Mindful gratitude means that you take a minute to stop each day, or many times each day. You appreciate the wonderful things in your life. Research has found that thankful individuals tend to report higher levels of happiness and health. Moreover, they have significantly lower levels of stress.


  1. Treating Yourself With Compassion

It is essential to take into consideration the fact that many of the behaviors are intertwined and reinforce one another. For instance, engaging in greater physical activity could improve the quality of sleep and motivate you to choose healthier food. 

If you get enough sleep, you may find that you have the energy to socialize more. You could end up spending quality time with your loved ones and friends. Thus, meeting up with old acquaintances may provide you with more reasons to feel glad about the day.

8 Habits for a Long and Happy Life | Couple | Hug | Happiness | Nutra Moment

Take Away

Extremely few individuals are able to regularly perform all of these things. Therefore, you should do all in your power to include as many of these practices that lead to happiness. Let go of any bad feelings connected to the areas in which you believe you may have failed. 

Instead, focus on celebrating the minor victories that you have along the road. And have a happy healthy life!






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