D-Mannose with Cranberry, Hibiscus Flower & Dandelion| Urinary Tract Health | Nutra Moment
D-Mannose with Cranberry, Hibiscus Flower & Dandelion| Urinary Tract Health | Nutra Moment
D-Mannose with Cranberry, Hibiscus Flower & Dandelion| Urinary Tract Health | Nutra Moment
D-Mannose with Cranberry, Hibiscus Flower & Dandelion| Urinary Tract Health | Supplement Facts | Nutra Moment


With Cranberry juice powder, hibiscus flower and dandelion herb exract, supports healthy liver function, supports urinary tract health, may slow protein loss. †

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D-Mannose with Cranberry, Hibiscus Flower & Dandelion| Urinary Tract Health | Nutra Moment


Regular price $17.99
Sale price $17.99 Regular price $22.99

Look no further if you're looking for a D-Mannose supplement with outstanding features.†

D-Mannose is a simple sugar found naturally in cranberries and other plants. Although the human body may digest a limited amount of D-Mannose, it is quickly eliminated in the urine.†

Nutramoment D-Mannose has a blend of whole cranberry fruit juice and a unique probiotic profile that helps maintain a healthy urinary system when used regularly.†

Our product is made with high-quality, robust components, including D-Mannose, Cranberry Juice Powder, Hibiscus, and natural Dandelion herb, to keep you feeling your best up and almost everywhere!†

Dandelion Herb Extract and Powdered Juice

Nutramoment D-Mannose combines 1000mg of D-Mannose with 150mg of natural cranberry juice powder, 100mg of dandelion herb extract, and 100mg of hibiscus flower extract in one of the most potent formulations available.†

D-Mannose, Cranberry Juice Powder, Hibiscus, and natural Dandelion herb are included in each capsule. This powerful combination helps remove the biofilm that adheres to the bladder walls of your urinary tract, keeping them healthy and free of infection.†

How To Use

As per dietary supplement, take two (2) veggie capsules once a day. For best results, take 20-30 minutes before a meal or as directed by your health care professional.


Nutra Moment | D-Mannose with Dandelion Root Extract & Cranberry Juice Powder | Product Highlights & Benefits

Supports Natural Cleansing Process †

D-Mannose Capsules aid the body's natural cleansing process by reducing bacterial adherence to the UT Lining.†

Our D-Mannose can aid in cleansing the urinary tract by binding to E. coli, improving bladder health. Furthermore, both cranberry and D-mannose may aid in the growth of healthy bacteria in the stomach. D-Mannose and hibiscus flower extract combine to provide a urinary tract cleansing that works quickly. In addition, D-mannose coverings aid in the removal of impurities for effective bladder health and a balanced pH.†

Healthy Urinary Tract †

D-mannose helps the urinary tract work by cleansing and maintaining the bladder lining's strength. D-Mannose enters the urinary tract and bladder quickly, where it usually engulfs microscopic organisms cells that cause UTIs. These embodied cells then become free-floating and are excreted from the body through the urine.†

Supports Healthy Liver Function †

D-mannose helps your liver function better by slowing down protein loss. It may also help persons with this disease avoid bleeding and low blood sugar.†

Essential Ingredients

Nutra Moment | D-Mannose | Supplement Facts | Ingredients


D-mannose is a kind of sugar that can be distinguished from glucose. It is a well-known urinary tract health component.†

D-mannose addresses insufficiency caused by a genetic abnormality that causes abnormal mannose breakdown and production. D-mannose may also help keep certain types of bacteria from adhering to the urinary system's walls and causing illness.†

Cranberry juice powder

Cranberry is a plant that grows in swamps and marshes. The most common uses for cranberry are to help protect from urinary tract infections (UTIs).†

Cranberry was effective for urinary tract infections because it made the urine acidic, making bacteria development unlikely.†

Hibiscus flower Extract

Hibiscus is a flowering plant. The hibiscus' organic product acids may act as a diuretic. Hibiscus synthetics may help lower blood pressure, cut sugar and fat levels in the blood, reduce stomach, digestive, and uterine fits, slow growth, and function as anti-infection agents to destroy microscopic creatures and worms.†

Dandelion Herb Extract

The spice dandelion is native to Europe. Dandelion includes synthetics that may help increase urine output, and reduce inflammation. Dandelion is used to help with various ailments, including tonsillitis, renal illness, bladder, urethra UTIS, and many others.†

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