Premium Probiotics 40 Billion CFU | Nutra Moment
Premium Probiotics 40 Billion CFU | Nutra Moment
Premium Probiotics 40 Billion CFU | Nutra Moment
Premium Probiotics 40 Billion CFU | Supplement Facts | Nutra Moment

Probiotic 40 Billion CFU

Helps improve digestive health, supports immune system, helps replenish healthy bacteria. †

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Living life to the fullest is a challenge. However, you can help your digestive tract by using highly effective probiotic products.†

Our gut flora is being harmed by everything from daily stress to poor food to pollution to pharmaceuticals (particularly antibiotic use). Probiotics come in a variety of forms in healthy gut flora. A probiotic with multiple strains may aid in the restoration of gut diversity. It also contains two prebiotic fibers, which aid in the development of probiotics.†

Ultimately, our probiotic Supplement can assist you in maintaining a healthy gut balance, supporting your good bacteria, and strengthening your immune system. Furthermore, probiotic supplements can help you control your appetite and weight, as well as boost your energy. Simply put, Probiotic 40 Billion provides the most important category of vitamins for your digestive health.†

If you're ready to take the first step toward living your best life, Nutra Moment Probiotic is an excellent product for you.†

How To Use

As per dietary supplement, take two (2) veggie capsules once a day. For best results, take one (1) capsule during the day and one (1) capsule in the evening. Repeat the process daily. Do not exceed two capsules per day.


Nutra Moment | Probiotics 40 Billion CFU | Product Highlights & Benefits

Support Healthy Digestive System †

Several studies have shown that including probiotics in the diet can improve digestion by affecting the beneficial microorganisms that are already present in the gut. The right balance of these microorganisms aids in food digestion, implying that the right balance may supplement retention and more.†

Maintain Strong Immunity †

The digestive system serves as the foundation for all of your body's health systems. When it aids absorption, it has a rippling effect throughout your body, boosting your immune system and sharpening your mind.†

MAKTREK® Bi-Pass Technology

MAKTREK® Bi-Pass Technology forms a protective coating around the capsule, allowing the probiotics to be used while in the stomach. The capsule is able to break down and release the probiotic into the body when the supplement is discharged from the stomach to the digestive tract. This delivery technique helps the strains to survive in your stomach acid and ensures that helpful bacteria are not destroyed by the acids in the gut.†

Essential Ingredients

Nutra Moment | Digestive Enzyme Pro Blend | Supplement Facts | Ingredients

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

This exceptionally thought-out type of probiotic will help eliminate harmful microbes, reducing their negative consequences. This also accounts for additional beneficial microbes that help break down food, assimilate specific supplements, and support immunity and gut health.†

Bifidobacterium lactis

Bifidobacterium lactis is the most often utilized Bifidobacterium species in food items because it is more robust than other Bifidobacterium genus members. B. animalis subsp. lactis, among other traits, has increased oxygen tolerance, allowing it to thrive in a broader variety of settings.†

Lactobacillus Plantarum

Your intestines have a permeable lining that allows vitamins to pass through. Awful microscopic organisms can also fall through every now and then. Plantarum aids in the prevention of these unwanted visitors. It also makes it more difficult for them to replicate.†

Lactobacillus paracasei

Lactobacillus paracasei is frequently used in probiotic solutions for enhancing gut health when it comes to digesting. It promotes the growth of good Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli in the stomach while suppressing harmful bacteria. Simultaneously, Lactobacillus paracasei helps to build the intestinal barrier and promote nutrient absorption from meals. It can enhance intestinal epithelial cell proliferation and protect the intestinal barrier from toxins and pathogens when combined with other probiotic strains.†

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